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Early intervention planning, implementation, and advocacy for children age 5 and younger

Guiding children on their developmental journeys through direct therapeutic services and empowering parents to confidently support them along the way

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Meet Shira Boxer

Shira Boxer

Photo Credit: Carolyn Koschnick Photography

Professional Background

I’ve worked for New York City Early Intervention since 2011 and for myself since 2015.

Education + Training

I’m a certified school psychologist and a certified DIR/Floortime practitioner.

Why I Do This

I truly love young children and being welcomed into their fascinating worlds. Learning about their personal forms of communication has become my greatest joy. I am neurodivergent myself and most connected and available to learn and grow when I feel understood. That's what I want for your child.


How I Work With Your Family

Rooted in Connection

My place in your child's developmental journey begins with connection. I set out to build a strong foundational relationship with your child, and you as their parents, rooted in joy and support.

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Tailored to Your Child’s Needs

Observing and forming a strong bond with your child allows me to develop a multidisciplinary plan tailored to their needs. Regardless of the setting, I optimize the environment for your child to bring comfort, understanding, intentional communication, and shared joy.

Empowering Parents

I partner with you to ensure success in our therapy sessions, in your home life, at school, and across the services your child receives. Together, we’ll discover new and joyful ways of connecting and communicating with your child. You know your child best. You have everything you need to be their best teacher, advocate, and play partner. I show you how to use your natural instinct to build skills, increase knowledge, and organize tool boxes.

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How I Can Help Your Family

Therapeutic Services

Whether in your home or via telehealth (I’ve had great success with both!), I follow your child and join them in their interests, creating a playfully challenging, safe, and secure environment to strengthen modes of communication, attention, and socialization.


I’m with you on the front line ensuring that your child has access to the services they need, service providers are aligned on goals, and their learning/growth environments (school, summer camp, etc.) are conducive to their success.

Parent Coaching

It’s all about empowering you as parents to confidently support your child’s development and cultivating the tools to navigate challenging moments (roadblocks and transitions) while focusing on and leveraging what brings your child joy.

Want to learn more about how I can help your family?


What Parents Are Saying

“We have been working with Shira through telehealth for almost two years now, and it's the best decision we could have made for our child. We do both child/therapist sessions and parent coaching sessions with her, and both have been an invaluable experience.”

“Shira transformed my child’s social communication and created in him a desire and the confidence to connect, and supported our family through over a year of Early Intervention."

“Her deep knowledge and powerful instincts enable her to identify and address each child's unique needs. Children are naturally drawn to her positive energy and playfulness. My child loves her and my family is so grateful for her impact on his life.”

“Shira was pivotal in working with our family through a global pandemic in NYC via virtual sessions. She provided effective tools and ultimately fostered our growth as parents.”

“Whether she’s turning empty boxes into race tracks or rolling up our carpets to make our apartment a fun sensory gym, Shira can truly turn every session into fun, inspiring opportunities for learning and success.”

“Shira has such an amazing personality and positive vibe that my child lights up every time she sees her. Her energy is contagious - it always gives me a boost to play more enthusiastically with my child.”


What Parents Are Asking

Do you do formal evaluation and diagnosis?

Ongoing and nuanced assessment is a driving part of my therapeutic process as an interventionist but I do not formally evaluate or diagnose. I do, however, know some great professionals that can help with this.

Can you help with meltdowns and tantrums?

Theirs or yours? JK. But seriously, yes - to both.

Can you help with feeding or recommend someone?

I know - feeding young children can really be the worst. I don’t offer this service, but I do know some wonderful feeding therapists. Reach out and I’ll be happy to make some recommendations.

Can you help with potty training?

Yes! Here’s my best advice, just wait until they’re ready. How will you know they’re ready? Trust me, you’ll know. Can’t tell? They’re not ready yet. How can you make the process more difficult than it needs to be? Start before they’re ready.

Do you accept any kind of insurance?

I wish I did. As soon as there is a way for me to accept insurance, I will! In the meantime, I am, of course, always available to be hired privately.

What I am also able to do - for families with children age 3 and younger - is guide you through the evaluation process to determine if your child is eligible to receive services via the NYC Early Intervention Program. If your child qualifies, the cost of my services would be covered by the program.

I see you offer telehealth sessions - do they work?

The short answer: YES! The longer answer: I do successfully connect and play with some little ones through telehealth, however, telehealth has been amazing for parents to really put my words into practice. These unbelievable parents who give me their attention, time, and energy are now incorporating what we learn together into their everyday lives. I’ve seen growth and connection and learning in a way I never could have imagined - all through a screen. Book a consultation with me, from wherever you are, so I can tell you how I can help through telehealth.

Can you point me towards any helpful resources?

Yes! There are plenty of facebook groups, social media accounts, books, and articles I can direct you to. Drop me a line using my contact form below and we can find some time to connect. I want to learn more about you and your family so I can recommend resources tailored to your needs.



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Let's Connect

Reach out to book a free one-hour consultation to see if and how I could help through Early Intervention or to find out about other services I can provide.

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